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Technical Service Bulletins / Recalls:
Vital Auto Repair Information

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Technical Service Bulletins (TSB): First Thing to Check when Dealing with Unfamiliar Auto Repair Problems


You don't usually hear about an automotive Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) unless a technician fills-you-in while performing an auto repair. These manufacturer published materials often include step-by-step procedures to help diagnose and repair car problems that are not dependably repairable using standard auto repair manual techniques. But there are ways consumers can obtain recall and technical service bulletin information outside of the dealerships.


We’ll get into the details behind the documents and procedures in upcoming articles; in the meantime, take a look at this information source. Both technical service bulletins (TSB) and recalls can be obtained from independent automotive service information distributors such as ALLDATA. ALLDATAdiy not only provides "Titles" of Recalls & Technical Service Bulletins at no cost, but offers the complete documents and auto repair manual information as parts of several cost-effective do-it-yourself online programs.

Recalls: Top Priority Automotive Information


These notifications received in the mail from the manufacturers inform owners about vehicle defects that may affect safety, fuel economy or emissions output—sometimes voluntarily initiated by the manufacturer, and sometimes induced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Automakers are then responsible to make the needed repairs and/or modifications described in the recall, free-of-charge.

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