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2004 Ford Ranger:
Engine Locked Up, Water in the Oil

Alex Steele
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as seen in Truck Trend



I'm writing about my 2004 Ford Ranger SuperCab 4x2. I was coming home from Lafayette, LA early in the morning (4:45 a.m.), and I was about 2 miles south of Alexandria, LA on I-49, when the truck locked up on me.


I checked the engine and all my water had gone into the oil. I have an extended warranty which should cover the powertrain up to 75,000 miles and I currently have 71,000 miles on the truck.


The truck has been over at the Ford dealership in Alexandria, and so far they have not told me if the warranty will cover the damage. Can you give me any information? Is there a number I could call at Ford to register a complaint. I need to get back to Lafayette to get to work, but I am stuck here. Help!




I can't be sure of limitations on your extended plan, and processing an aftermarket warranty claim is usually more involved, but an original Ford powertrain warranty covers most everything aside from impact or neglect. For example: hitting something that punctured the radiator, or not changing the oil for a few years.


If your extended plan is similar to Fords, and you didn't cause the failure, there should be no doubt about coverage as long as you're under the time and mileage limitations. Coolant (not just water) in the oil can come from a leaking cylinder head or intake manifold gasket, or a cracked or porous intake, cylinder head or engine block. If it was an internal leak over a period of time the oil would be a thick "milky" mess. If the oil and coolant in the crankcase appears separated (not milky), you may have thrown a connecting rod and punched a hole in the engine block.


Be polite, speak directly with the service manager at the dealership and explain your situation. If he's disputing the claim ask to speak with the Ford Zone Service Representative (if it's a Ford policy). He's the guy who makes the final decision. Calling any automaker's customer service line is almost always a wasted effort. Remember, you get more bees with honey, or something like that. Good luck.


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16 Sep 2016, 14:52
Thanks, I couldn't find where to list it. It kept taking me in a loop.
16 Sep 2016, 09:02
RE:J, If you can't find it at the Ford dealer or parts stores there are a few places to look. Ebay has many listed and some are OEM parts and there is also a company called PartsGeeks.com.

Please list questions in the proper category next time.
15 Sep 2016, 23:21
No comment just a question about a 2005 ford ranger with inertia switch issues, it stall/dies when running and won't start back up unless the switch is pressed. I can't seem to find a replacement part online. Do they no longer sell them?is the 04 or any other model compatible?


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