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2004 Chevrolet SSR:
Plastic Fuel Tank Filler Hose is Loose

Alex Steele
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I currently have a 2004 Chevrolet SSR Convertible Pickup Truck with the LS-1 (5.3) V8 Engine. Vehicle runs great, no performance problems, but I do have a big problem that I am trying to solve without having to take a loan from the bank.


This vehicle has a "plastic" fuel tank, but the filler hose is rubber, going into a metal sleeve from the hose to the tank. This sleeve is supposed to be tight, yet it is loose, and I am trying to find a sealant that I can use to apply around the sleeve to make it tight. Almost all of the sealants that I find in the automotive stores will not work when it is exposed to gasoline, so I am lost right now.


I have priced a new fuel tank and it will be well over $525, not including removal of the old tank and installing the new fuel tank. Do you know of any sealant or any work that can solve this leaking problem? When filling the fuel tank and it comes up to the metal sleeve, the fuel does not leak out, it pours out, so the leak is not something small.




Without having your specific fuel tank in front of me to inspect, I can only guess on its exact structure, but I would imagine it's cracked where the filler hose fitting is mounted to the shell.


You might want to stop by a Chevy dealer and look at the part's diagram to be sure it's not something with a seal that can be replaced and/or secured. You may also get a better look by dropping the tank.


Once the tank is confirmed to be cracked, replace it. An epoxy like J.B. Weld, if applied correctly on completely clean and dry surfaces, would be resistant to gasoline and other petroleum based products.


However, chances are good that the body flex applied to the fix by the attached filler hose will eventually crack the epoxy. If you were a customer of mine, the safety factor would make it a no-brainer. I would strongly recommend spending the money and replacing the fuel tank.


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