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2001 Lincoln Continental:
Find & Replace Passenger (Cabin) Air Filter

Alex Steele
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How do I find and replace the passenger air filter on my 2001 Lincoln Continental?




Cabin air filters, typically installed on luxury cars similar to your Lincoln, keep the air cleaner for everyone in the vehicle -- just like the heater/air conditioning filters we replace periodically at home.


But some folks don't realize their car is equipped with an air filter, aside from the one mounted on the intake side of the engine, and therefore they often go unchanged, limiting filtration capabilities, reducing the system's air flow, and hindering heater and A/C performance in general. So you should change the cabin air filter periodically, as often as the engine's air filter, about every 15,000 miles.


Open up the hood and take a look at the right side cowl area, between the windshield and the engine compartment. You should be able to see the filter if you peak through the "cowl vent screen". It's a black plastic cover with little holes. You'll have to remove what is called the hood pad, then the cowl vent screen, and then a water shield to get to the cabin air filter. Simply reverse the procedure when installing the new one.


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