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1999 Ford Taurus:
Dashboard Insulator Retaining Clip Recall

Alex Steele
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Do you know the details surrounding the recall of the 1999 Ford Taurus SE, where the "dashboard insulator" needs to be replaced? The postcard I received from Ford did not go into any details of the problems caused by this part.




You're referring to Ford Motor Company Campaign Number 98V204000. This Safety Recall will include approximately 6,000 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable models. The problem involves a "retainer clip" which was not properly installed at the factory on certain vehicles.


This clip attaches to the accelerator cable in order to secure a "dash insulator" to the inner firewall on the driver's side. The possible safety hazard comes into play if the retainer clip falls off the accelerator cable, and becomes lodged into the accelerator pedal arm pivot area.


This may prevent your engine from returning to idle speed after removing your foot from the gas pedal. There is also the potential for the insulator to come loose and interfere with accelerator cable operation. The corrective action is quick and easy. The dealership service department technician will simply inspect the clip's installation and re-secure if necessary.

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Home » ShopTalk » Manufacturer » Ford » Taurus » 1999 - Dashboard Insulator Retaining Clip Recall
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