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1997 Pontiac Grand Am:
Power Door Locks Quit Working

Alex Steele
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I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am with power door locks. The door lock on the driver's door has quit working. You can hear the mechanism working when you push the "unlock" button, and it does open the passenger's lock, but it does not lock or unlock the driver's door.


I did check the fuses and all looked good. It seems like something may have just come disconnected. I did take it to a Pontiac dealer and they wanted $70.00 just to take the door apart and look! My son and hubby are real "car guys" so I'm hoping to avoid taking it to the shop.




The techs at the dealership need an hour labor time to remove the door panel and diagnose the problem. This way if they pull the door apart, find the problem, but you don't want to do the repair; they won't be working for free.


If the door locks are inoperable by means of the switch, but are still working with the use of the manual lever and you can hear the power door lock actuator clanking around, then chances are that Pontiac's Technical Service Bulletin #63-10-41B is applicable.


It involves the replacement of a rubber bumper which links the power door lock actuator to the latch assembly itself. The job is fairly involved and will require the removal of the latch and actuator assemblies in order to install the upgraded bumper to prevent the problem from happening again. I would not suggest dad and your son attempting the job without the appropriate service manual.

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