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1994 Oldsmobile Aurora:
All Four Power Windows will not Work - Relay?

Alex Steele
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I own a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora and the power windows won't work (all four of them). Do you think it may be a relay somewhere, and if so, where?




It's a network of components which manage all four power windows; the big master switch for the driver, three individual switches to control the passenger side and the two rear windows, and a control module which enables the driver-only, express-down feature.


And there is a common power source shared by all of the above. It's a 25amp circuit breaker located, better write this down, in the right-hand rear power distribution center (box of fuses, breakers and relays), fuse block #2.


The two power distribution centers are located adjacent to the battery -- underneath the rear seat -- just like a '68 VW square-back. It should be one of the two circuit breakers in the upper left-hand corner of the power distribution center closest to the battery.


You can remove the breaker and test for continuity with an ohmmeter, or confirm power at one of the breaker terminals with a 12 volt test light, and then jumper the two terminals to see if the windows come back to life. The sunroof is also powered by the same circuit breaker. So the sunroof being out of commission is another clue to a fault in the same area.


But keep in mind that there may be a broken circuit before or after the breaker, or a short-circuit tripping the breaker. That's why you have to confirm that there's power coming out of one of the breaker terminals in the fuse block, and bypassing the circuit breaker with a jumper wire fixes the problem, before condemning the breaker itself.

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