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1997 Ford Probe:
Jingling Sound from Rear Brakes over Bumpy Grade

Alex Steele
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I have rear disc brakes with a "jingling" sound on a '97 Ford Probe. It's like change jingling in your pocket. I hear it almost all the time from the rear when going over a bumpy grade. But the noise goes away as you apply the brakes. It also goes away when you gently apply the hand brake.


I have no history with this car but the pads and discs look real fresh. The car has 82,000 original miles. What is wrong here? The brakes function well. Are there any anti-rattle gizmos in there? How can I tell? Do I need to disassemble the brakes to determine? Can I purchase these things separately?




There are several gizmos holding the pads in place, and one or more of them are probably missing or loose. Applying the brake pedal puts pressure on the pads preventing them from bouncing around and rattling. The parking brake does the same thing because it also extends the caliper piston to apply pressure on the pads.


The "fresh" looking brakes may be a good clue. A few extra parts may have been misplaced during a backyard brake job. If you're unsure about doing the job yourself, have all the brakes thoroughly inspected by a professional.


There are 2 retaining clips, 2 shims and one anti-rattle spring securing the inner and outer brake pads to each rear caliper. The pads, shims and retaining clips require removal of the caliper for replacement, but the anti-rattle spring may be accessible without.


Remove the rear wheels and you should be able to see what's missing. If everything's in place but the anti-rattle spring -- and all bolts, brake lines and cables are secure -- you may get away with simply replacing the springs. But be sure you're confident on where and how the springs should be installed. A parts department with an exploded view of the brakes can help you figure it out, and also let you know if the springs are available individually.


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