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1997 Dodge Ram:
Trouble Replacing Fuel Filter in Gas Tank

Alex Steele
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I have a 1997 Dodge Ram extended cab with the 5.9-liter engine and an automatic transmission. I have two other friends with the same truck, and we can't seem to get to the fuel filters that are located in the gas tank. I have dropped every bolt that supports the tank and it will not fall. Are there any tricks to this? We can't seem to find anyone that can help us.




No tricks here. It's a simple but sometimes awkward job due to the size of the fuel tank. The Dodge Ram tank unit is supported by two metal straps which pivot at one end, and are fastened with studs and nuts at the other. The rest of the job involves the detachment of fuel and vapor lines, a wiring harness connector, the fuel filler neck and a couple of tin heat shields.


The only problem I could imagine you may be having would be the support straps hanging-up on the studs after the removal of the retaining nuts. The stud holes in the straps are a little narrow and it can require some prying to break the straps free. We sincerely hope that you're working with an "empty" fuel tank which is being safely supported during this attempted R&R.


I hope all this necessary? The part that you're after is a combination fuel filter/pressure regulator that is attached to the fuel module assembly within the fuel tank, along with a gas gauge sending unit, fuel pump and a pickup strainer at the bottom.


This filter/regulator goes for about $100 and is not a Dodge-recommended service replacement. However, some service departments are suggesting replacement at 100,000 miles. These long term filters have the ability to store normal amounts of dirt particles without clogging for very long periods of time as opposed to conventional style filters.


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