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1996 Dodge Grand Caravan:
Used Van Reliability Information

Alex Steele
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Have you had any information on the reliability of the 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan (transmission, electrical systems, etc.)? I've been interested in buying a used one with low miles that my neighbor is putting up for sale.




To tell you the truth, the most accurate ratings on a vehicle's reliability are locked up under tight security by the manufacturers. These are the numbers on actual warranty repairs. So a good method for consumers to evaluate the quality of a car or truck is with the reliability histories compiled by Consumer Reports. These statistics give us the percentage of vehicle owners experiencing problems in 16 specific areas.


The '96 Grand Caravan was the first of the new line of Chrysler minivans, and was an all-around improvement over the previous version. The trouble spots now seem to be in the electrical, brakes, body integrity, and body hardware categories. The engines seem to be rating well, and the automatic transmissions are rating fair. The plain Caravan has been doing better, but along with the price neither one compares in reliability to minivans such as the Toyota Previa and Sienna, or the Honda Odyssey.


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