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1995 Lexus GS:
ABS Light came On after Impact

Alex Steele
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I was driving my 1995 Lexus GS 300 at about 45mph when I hit a deep pothole. Very shortly after the impact the ABS light on the dash came on. I brought the car into the Lexus dealer where they replaced, what they called a fusible link.


A couple of days later it blew again, and the light was back on. They said the ABS motor was causing the problem and should be replaced, but they didn't sound positive that this would fix the problem. The part is very expensive. Doesn't it make sense that a sensor at one of the wheels got damaged, since the problem started right after hitting the pothole?




The speed sensors located at each wheel generate their own voltage in order to send signals to the ABS Electronic Control Unit. Therefore, you can beat one of these sensors with a hammer without blowing a fuse. It would simply set a trouble code when it became inoperative.


I pulled up the schematic for the ABS system in your car with the ALLDATA information system. The fusible link that your technician is referring to supplies voltage to the ABS motor which is a part of the ABS actuator assembly. A fusible link is simply an insulated piece of wire that will burn up when a specific amount of amperage passes through it, just like the element within a fuse.


The fact that the link burned up after the vehicle was jarred by a pothole would indicate the possibility of a short to ground somewhere between the fusible link, the motor relay, and the ABS actuator assembly. Then again, the tech may be right and the motor is drawing too many amps.


First get some assurance from the people at the service department that they gave the system a thorough going over trying to eliminate the chance of an intermittent short in the wiring harness. Then it's your decision on spending the money. The ABS actuator assembly goes for about $1,400.00 plus labor.

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