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1995 Honda Passport:
Engine the Same as the Rodeo?

Alex Steele
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as seen in Truck Trend



I have just purchased a '95 Honda Passport. So far so good, but I have been unable to find the answers to some questions. Is the engine the same as the Rodeo engine? Did Honda make any of their own modifications?


The engine in the Passport I have recently acquired is the V6. I need it to tow a small boat. For some reason I trust all Honda products, but not so with Isuzu. I frankly know nothing about Isuzu. I realize I probably should have asked these types of questions earlier, but I used all my research time exploring used SUV prices, and this Passport was too much truck for the money to pass up.




Your Honda Passport is actually an Isuzu Rodeo platform (basic chassis and drivetrain). The only differences are some cosmetic changes, available trim packages, and the Honda emblems. The new car engine selections of a 2.6-liter straight-four or a 3.2-liter V6 are both 100% Isuzu. Honda started selling the Rodeo platform as a Passport in '93 trying to get a piece of the hot Sport Utility Vehicle market, while in the process of building their own SUV -- the CR-V.


Your trust in the Honda name and insecurity regarding Isuzu are not unfounded. Honda has been around for a long time with a history of high quality reliable cars. Isuzu on the other hand, doesn't have nearly the background in passenger vehicle production with the majority of its business in industrial-strength trucks. Consumer Reports show a clear difference when comparing the Passport to the rest of the true Honda carline.


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