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1995 Honda Civic:
Front Brakes Wearing Out Quickly

Alex Steele
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My 1995 Honda Civic required replacement of the front brakes at only 12,000 miles, and again at about 23,000. I thought that the brakes wearing out so quickly would indicate a mechanical problem.


My 21 year old son is the only one who drives the car, and I know that he drives with one foot and doesn't ride the brake pedal. Do you consider this normal brake wear, or is it an engineering flaw with the design of the brakes?


Both times the brakes were replaced at the Honda dealership I was told that everything checked out OK and it was considered normal wear and tear. I've been dealing with this service department for several years and they seem very honest and qualified.




The life span of brake linings varies greatly depending on the driving conditions involved. It basically boils down to the number of stops per mile, and the aggressiveness at which the brakes are applied. A driver who does a large amount of highway miles with long distances between stops will get significantly more miles out of a set of pads, than a driver who does a lot of around town driving consisting of very frequent stops.


12,000 miles can be considered normal wear and tear with a lot of stop and go driving. Over the years when looking at the driver's age to miles-per-brake job ratio, I have noticed significantly faster brake wear from the younger group. In other words, simply because your son drives with one foot doesn't mean he's not stomping on the brakes aggressively.


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29 Nov 2012, 02:38
As far as major components go (Engine, transmission), if you follow the recommended service intervals and drive in a normal fashion you should not have any problems before reaching the 300k mark. I had a '91 Prelude with 340k and the only things that I ever had to replace were the timing belt (Every 100k), the clutch (The first one made it to 230k), the front springs, the CV joints, and the alternator. Of course brakes and tires are necessary replacements on any car. I used Honda service departments for all repairs needed and never felt overcharged or experienced any delays. My Prelude did not leave me stranded once. It was a great car. I have friends that say the same good things about Honda products and other than Toyota I don't think I would buy anything else.


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