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1995 GMC C Pickup:
Interior Lights Stay On, Switch Problem

Alex Steele
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seen in Truck Trend



I have a 1995 GMC two wheel drive pickup with an annoying problem. The interior lights stay on after closing the driver's door. I can tell the problem is with the switch in the side of the dash. It isn't getting pushed in far enough to shut off the lights. I have already replaced the switch and it didn't work. Then I glued a piece of plastic on the tip of the switch to solve the problem, but it looks really terrible when you open the door and it keeps falling off. What could the problem be? Is the door out of line?




Some of the '95 C/K trucks had the problem of not depressing the dome lamp switch plunger sufficiently enough to kill the lights. It's not the alignment of the door itself that seemed to be the cause of the problem, especially if the door is visibly lined up from the outside. It's more likely that the flaw originated with a glitch in the factory dimensions of the dash, where the dome lamp switch is mounted, and/or the plastic door panels which push in the switch's plunger.


This is the fix that General Motors came out with in order to prevent a lot of dead batteries. You'll notice a round plastic convex spot right where the dome lamp switch plunger strikes the door panel. This is what we call a push nail. The push nail may be removed by prying it out of the door panel, carefully, without damaging the push nail or the panel. Then you may install a shim that will seat the push nail out further from the door panel, and therefore depress the dome lamp switch enough to eliminate the problem.


Here are the shim part numbers depending upon interior color, Gray-#15730041, Navy Blue-#15730042, Ruby Red-#15730043, Med. Beige-#15730044, Neutral Med-#15730045.


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23 Jul 2014, 08:12
I own the Duramax, and I agree with everybody else! I would walk away from my truck to look at the 62' for sure! I drive my darumax everyday, and I get 20mpg, have 600+rwhp, I can tow 10K, run 12's in a 7000+lbs truck, and I can carry 6 passengers. Pretty hard to beat the versatilty of a 3/4 ton diesel pickup. If I had the money though, I'd have a 62' like that with a turbo'd LS motor in it. KCCO!!!


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