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1995 Dodge Ram 2500:
Antifreeze Leak from Head Gaskets and...

Alex Steele
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seen in Truck Trend



I own a '95 Dodge Ram 2500 with the V10. After three days of not running, antifreeze starts to leak out of the head gaskets (both sides), the thermostat housing, and water pump. There are no leaks at any hose connections, and it doesn't leak with the motor running. It leaves spots of antifreeze about the size of a quarter. The truck is outside and it gets fairly cold at night. There hasn't been enough fluid lost to warrant adding any. My theory is that the problem stems from expansion and contraction. I've been monitoring my findings for two months now. Is this common on the V10s?




It's possible that the water pump is starting to leak along with a few drops coming out of the thermostat housing. However, the addition of both head gaskets leaking simultaneously would indicate that the engine was severely overheated at one time. This can cause various surfaces to warp. But chances are the coolant is coming from somewhere else.


I would strongly suggest further diagnosis before breaking out the checkbook. The first thing to do is have a qualified technician pressure test the system to see exactly where the coolant is coming from. Very often a leak will start up high and travel down through the nooks and crannies to make it appear that the leak is emanating from a lower part of the engine.


If it's still unclear after the pressure test exactly where the coolant leak or leaks have originated, the next step involves the addition of a "fluorescent dye" to the coolant system. The engine can then be scanned with a "black light" after being run for a period of time. The coolant will be glowing bright green, which makes this a great way to locate those hard-to-find leaks. This should give you an accurate diagnosis before beginning any repairs.


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28 Sep 2009, 10:59
Hi Sandy,

Be sure the inner thermostat seal was installed with the shoulder toward the thermostat (it only goes in one way). The stat also must face the right direction.

Make sure all sealing surfaces are clean and no corrosion has eaten away at the metal where the seals make contact.

Install the thermostat, lift bracket, seals and housing to the engine as an assembly. Install and tighten the mounting bolts to 24 N-m (18 ft.lbs.), torquing the short bolt first and then the two longer bolts.

Other than that, look for a cracked or warped housing.
Sandy Parker
28 Sep 2009, 10:42
1995 Dodge 2500 with a 5.9 Cummins.
The engine has been rebuilt and runs great, however the thermostat housing leaks. We replaced the thermostat and the 2 seals. It leaked at the upper part of the housing. e replaced the 2 seals again and it still leaks after the engine runs for about 5 minutes.
Any ideas would be helpful
Thanks, Sandy


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