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1993 Ford Mustang:
Car would Not Start after Accident

Alex Steele
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I've recently had a minor accident with my 1993 Mustang. I was driving through a heavy thunderstorm one night and slid off the road into a guardrail. The car didn't hit really hard, but it did give me a jolt. The damage was to the right rear and consisted of a crumpled fender and a broken taillight.


Now, here's my question. Immediately after the accident the car would not start and I had to walk about a mile in the storm to get to a phone. I then had it towed home and it's been sitting in the driveway ever since. What could have possibly broken during this fender bender that prevents the engine from running?




Ford is one of the few manufacturers that utilize a fuel pump cut-off system on its fuel-injected vehicles. A shock-sensitive switch is wired to the electric fuel pump circuit. During impact it will pop like a circuit breaker and can be reset with the push of a button. The cut-off switch on your Mustang is located in the trunk and should be well marked and easy to find.


The reasoning behind this system is fairly obvious. It's to prevent feeding a fire through a broken fuel system component from an active fuel pump after a crash. Most other manufacturers choose not to use this type system, but do have features that accomplish similar results. For example, most fuel-injected engines will cease fuel pump operation when the engine stops running by means of the engine's computer and /or an oil pressure switch. In most situations the engine will shut down very shortly after a break in the fuel supply.


The advantage to the Ford system is the instantaneous halt of fuel delivery on impact which improves safety by preventing a more serious fire and/or explosion. The disadvantage is the possibility of being dead in your tracks in a dangerous situation, something like you being left in the middle of nowhere, and having never heard of a fuel pump cut-off switch.


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