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1993 Dodge Dakota:
Help Me Find a Suspension Lift Kit

Alex Steele
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seen in Truck Trend



I have a '93 Dodge Dakota Club Cab with two-wheel-drive. I was wondering whether you could help me find a suspension lift kit, if one exists. I know it sounds crazy, but these kits are offered for the two-wheel-drive Ford Ranger and, I think, the Chevy S-Series.




We contacted a bunch of the major truck accessory manufacturers with a little help from S.E.M.A (Specialty Equipment Market Association). We checked with companies like Traders Truck Accessories, Fabtech Motorsports, 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Rancho and Trail Master.


Sorry, but you're right; your suspension lift kit doesn't exist. It's all a matter of popularity and demand. If there are enough people that want a truck accessory, then, and only then, does it get produced.


If it's really that important to you, then give Fabtech Motorsports a call at 1-888-2WD-KITS. Fabtech specializes in two wheel drive truck suspension products and may be able to custom cut a suspension lift for your Dakota, but it will take a lot of time, a lot of money and you'll probably have to deliver the truck to Fullerton, California, to have the job done. Lifting 2WD vehicles is more popular out west due to the amount of flat desert terrain.


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