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1992 Ford Festiva:
Humming Noise, Bad Front Wheel Bearing

Alex Steele
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I've been getting a loud humming noise from the front of my car, and a friend told me that it sounds like a bad wheel bearing.


How much should I expect to pay to replace the wheel bearings on the right front wheel of my 1992 Ford Festiva? Also, is it feasible for me to do it myself?




You're looking at about two hours shop-time for one side at approximately $65 per hour, which means about $130 in labor. Then we tack on around $70 for the inner and outer bearings and seals. So, the job should run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 plus tax.


Since you had to ask if you would be able to do the job yourself, the answer is no. On a lot of front-wheel-drive cars the front bearing and hub assembly is one unit and fairly easy to replace if you have the tools and the knowhow to R&R the brake caliper, brake rotor, axle nut, and a few hardened Torx bolts.


On the Festiva, the bearings are separate from the hub and individually pressed into the knuckle assembly part of the suspension. This requires special pullers, installers, shaft protectors, bearing preload shims and someone that knows exactly what they're doing.


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18 Feb 2012, 14:36
That's actually called the axle nut. It secures the drive axle and the hub/bearing at the same time.

It is right handed thread, and really tight. Best way is removal with an air powered impact gun. Next best is with a breaker bar, while someone holds the brakes to keep the wheel in place.
14 Feb 2012, 18:48

Is the hub nut right hand or left hand thread on r/h side. It's very, very tight.


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