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1992 Ford Crown Victoria:
Can't Figure Out Coolant Leak

Alex Steele
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I own a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria with the 4.6-liter V8 engine. It now has a coolant leak that my mechanics can't figure out. Originally they said it was a plug in the rear of the engine block so they removed the transmission to fix it, but they found that the leak is coming through an open passage near the top of the engine.


They're now telling me that it's guess work and could be the intake, heads or possibly a crack in the engine block itself. Right now they are ordering a very expensive intake manifold.




Replacement of the intake manifold is a premature decision, unless it was a known common failure to this particular engine, which it's not. Yes, the intake manifold, cylinder heads, engine block and related gaskets are all feasible possibilities for the coolant leak which you have described.


Very often the detailed technical aspects to any vehicle are best known only by the technicians at the dealership who specialize in that particular make of car. This comes into play in your situation.


While your mechanics are ordering an expensive intake manifold, an experienced Ford technician would tell you right away that the coolant hoses under the intake manifold are leaking. That's the common cause of a coolant leak draining out of that passage in the back of the engine block.


It will involve the removal of the intake manifold and replacement of the hoses, clamps and the intake gaskets. The removal of the transmission was unnecessary, but it was a reasonable attempt at diagnosing the problem. Don't be too hard on your mechanics. I'm sure they were doing their best to repair the problem.


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16 Dec 2014, 10:59
I can't put pictures on this part of the site you would have to go into the forum and go into your car model and put your question there then I can post a picture.
15 Dec 2014, 01:47
No its on top of the head just behind the intake on the passenger side is there a plug there or a sensor I would attach a pic if I could
15 Dec 2014, 00:41
RE: Mark, The common leak is the cooling hoses under the intake manifold. Changing them would require the removal of the intake manifold and replacing the manifold gaskets, hoses, clamps. The hole in the back of the head is the freeze out plug. If this leaks the mechanic would be able to get a good look when the car is in the air.
14 Dec 2014, 23:36
Is it a hole at the back of the head that looks like something should be there I have the same problem


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