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1991 Ford Ranger:
New Fuel Filler, Pumps Click Off

Alex Steele
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as seen in Truck Trend



I have a '91 Ranger 4.0 V6, two-wheel-drive. I bought a new (aftermarket) fuel filler hose off eBay ($68). A mechanic put it on and now I can't get gas to enter from the pumps.


When trying to refuel it trickles and clicks off. Question: did the mechanic remount the tank too high, pinching the "hose within the hose"? I did notice the old one had a hole rubbed into it and was squashed to an oval widthwise.




I don't think the tank could have been mounted too high. It's strapped to the underside of the chassis and can't go any higher than that. It's really kind of tough to misposition a fuel tank in any direction.


Possibilities include body damage causing the hose/pipe assembly to be out-of-place and kinked. An incorrect hose which was too long or the wrong shape could also result in a kink. The hose could be too narrow, internally obstructed, or the technician just messed up installing it.


One way or another, the path to the tank is not allowing a sufficient volume of flow from the pump. Therefore, the gas is backing up in the fuel filler and triggering the automatic shutoff.


Gotta give the filler a good external inspection, and then remove it and examine the inside. You also want to be sure that whatever rubbed a hole in the last one is no longer making contact.


In other words, bring it back to the guy that put it in.


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