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1991 Dodge Dakota:
Four-Wheel-Drive Conversion Kit

Alex Steele
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I just got a '91 Dodge Dakota with a V6 and it's in very nice shape, but it's only a rear-wheel-drive truck. Is it possible to get a kit or something so I can make it into a 4-wheel-drive truck when I need it? I would only use it in the winter because I live on top of a steep hill.




I've heard of part-time to full-time transfer case conversion kits, but two-wheel to a four-wheel drivetrain would be a major operation.


These are a few of the parts that would be involved: transmission, transfer case, driveshaft(s), front axle, front suspension and hubs, shifter or switches, wiring and controllers. Trust me, there would be a lot more when all was said and done.


This could be a semi-practical job if you have a gorgeous 4X2 and a junky 4X4 version of the same platform truck, and you enjoy doing the work. Swapping parts to complete the four-wheel transformation is indeed possible and could be a lot of fun.


But, if that's not where you're coming from, sell your Dakota and get a 4X4, or, get a set of tire chains, a bumper-mounted winch, and maybe a locking rear differential to help deal with the winter hazards.


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