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1988 Toyota Pickup:
Help Finding Computer, ECU

Alex Steele
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seen in Truck Trend



I bought a service manual in an attempt to fix a problem with my '88 Toyota 4x4 pickup with the V6. I need help finding the location of the computer. The manual doesn't show it.




The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) receives signals from a multitude of data sensors and switches. The signals are processed and then used for controlling electronic fuel injection, electronic spark advance, idle speed control, and so on. It's located behind the right kick panel (the plastic panel next to the passenger's right foot).


There's also something called the Electronic Transmission Control Unit mounted under the center console in front of the gear selector. This module controls certain automatic transmission functions.


Make sure your diagnosis is correct before replacing either one. It can get real expansive.

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14 Mar 2014, 15:22
Intermittent shorts can be a pain.

It's most likely a short to ground, where wire insulation has worn through and is now touching chassis or engine metal.

Best bet is to replace the fuse and gently "jiggle" the wiring harnesses leading to all components powered by that fuse. If you jiggle and the fuse pops, you're getting real close to the location of the short.
09 Mar 2014, 12:44
1988 Toyota engine fuse blows after driving not while idling


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