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1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88:
Radio Clock/Presets Settings

Alex Steele
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I replaced the radio in my 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88, but the clock and the station presets go back to the factory settings whenever I turn off the ignition. Do you know what color wire controls the clock and presets?


I would appreciate any help you could give. If you're wondering, the radio works fine, but I'm getting tired of having to reset my clock and radio stations every time I start the car.




If items like the horn, glove box light and the cigarette lighter are also not working then go and check the 20amp fuse #11 in the fuse panel. You may have popped it while replacing the radio.


If all fuses are good, go ahead and remove the radio and locate the two wire connector with the orange and brown wires. The orange wire is the constant power feed that supplies voltage to the radio's clock and preset station memory. Maybe you simply forgot to hook it up.


Once you've seen that everything is connected properly then find a 12-volt test light and check for voltage at the orange wire. If the voltage is there then the problem is within the radio itself. If there is no power and fuse #11 is good then there must be a break in the circuit between the radio and the fuse block.

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