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1988 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup:
2.5-Liter, Injector Floods Motor

Alex Steele
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seen in Truck Trend



I have a 1988 Chevy S-10 2WD pickup with a 2.5-liter Throttle Body Injected engine. With the key on and the motor off the injector injects gas and floods the motor so it won't start. It does this intermittently. Now I can't get the gas to inject at all. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?




We have a couple of possibilities, but the problem should be easy to find. It could be that the injector itself is not seating properly. So when you turn the ignition on, and the fuel pump applies pressure, the fuel leaks right through the injector and floods the engine.


However, logic would have us lean more towards an electrical condition seeing that the injector has now quit altogether. The light blue wire leading from the fuel injector to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) could be pinched, or exposed and grounding out, causing the injector to open intermittently.


But we'll finish off with the most likely cause -- bad ECM. Go locate the Electronic Control Module under the dash on the passenger side, and tap on it lightly with the blunt end of a screw driver. While performing the "Tap Test", after keying up the ignition, observe the injector.


If it's spitting fuel in rhythm to the beat of the screw driver you've confirmed the ECM to be at fault. If nothing happens it will require a schematic and a voltmeter to isolate the problem, but it may still be the "injector driver" within the ECM causing the problem.

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16 Sep 2012, 11:36
"acts like flooded" can mean a lot of things.

The cause of an extended crank on cold start can be an incorrect coolant temperature reading, inoperative idle air control valve, injectors bleeding down, etc.
don wiles
11 Sep 2012, 08:32
I have a 1989 Jimmy 2.8 throttle body. It acts like flooded in mornings, but starts fine later in day.
14 Mar 2011, 06:39
Push-starting with a manual transmission is almost the same thing as cranking the engine normally with the starter -- just a different means of rotating the engine.

It could be a weak battery or bad starter not cranking the engine fast enough to start, or, an oddball failure of the ignition switch where you're losing ignition voltage in the "Start" position.

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13 Mar 2011, 18:20
My 92 S-10 2.5 liter. cranks but won't start unless it's push started


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