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1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais:
Crankshaft Balancer Removal

Alex Steele
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I am trying to replace a timing cover seal on an '85 Olds Calais 3.0L V6 engine. I cannot get the 28mm bolt in the crankshaft to budge! The balancer timing pulley can be turned back and forth about five degrees without the crank or bolt head moving.


I don't think that this is normal. Do you have any ideas on removing this bolt and which direction, normal or reverse thread?




I have some ideas for removing the bolt, but you might not like what you see after you get it out. First hose down around the bolt with a penetrating oil (WD-40) and let it soak for an hour or so. Then the best bet would be an air powered 1/2" drive impact gun, but I'll assume that there isn't one available, so the next choice would be a 1/2" breaker bar.


Then you'll have to get a partner with a pry bar to get under the car and wedge the bar into the teeth on the ring gear between the engine and the transmission. This will hold the crankshaft in one direction while you attempt to loosen the bolt in the other. The bolt is a right-hand thread so you're going to be turning it counterclockwise. You might have to use some serious force, and maybe add a pipe onto the breaker bar for more leverage. If the bolt snaps -- you got more problems.


Here's the bad news. The moving back and forth of the balancer assembly bolted to the front of the crankshaft is telling me that the key way in the crankshaft, which keeps the balancer in place, has worn out the groove it sits in, and will most likely require the replacement of the entire crankshaft. Sorry.


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