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Running very low on fuel can damage a fuel pump due to the lack of lubrication when it's pumping air instead of fuel. However, never going under a half a tank of gas...more

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5.9-liter V8 was found to have two faulty valves and valve springs. The trouble happened without warning even though the truck has been maintained properly...more

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Problem with the transmission. It was rebuilt under warranty about 16 months ago at a Ford dealership because of a shifting problem from 1st to 2nd gear...more

I'm writing about my 2004 Ford Ranger SuperCab 4x2. I was coming home from Lafayette, LA early in the morning (4:45 a.m.), and I was about 2 miles south of...more

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I haven't read anything in any of the magazines and it seems that if it were one of the American car companies it would be everywhere. I was just wondering...more

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My mechanic has told me it was an oil leak, maybe from the oil pan. He changed the oil pan gasket but it only stopped for a week or so. They have changed almost every seal but I still have this leak...more

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