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Recheck the math. Lets say you did better than suggested and got about 12,000 miles out of each set of pads, and you're on the third set going on a forth...more

Double check your owner's manual for the towing capacity numbers. Looking at 2009 figures, there's about a 2,900 lb difference in towing capacities between the same...more

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Purchased this truck with my '91 GMC 2500 clunker. I could not get a 2500 truck of any make using the cash for clunkers program. I need to know what suspension items...more

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I drive a '97 Ford F-150 pickup and it supposedly is a half-ton truck. What exactly is the half ton we're referring to and what exactly does the 150 stand for?...more

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When it does snow, I traditionally throw sandbags in the bed to increase traction. The thing is I don't know really how much weight makes a difference...more

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