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The problem you're describing affects multiple GM vehicles with the 3100 and 3400 V6 engines, and causes a variety of performance-related symptoms...more

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GM has replaced the electronic control module and updated a program. It seems to happen most often when I hit bumps, especially wash boarded gravel...more

Two holes on both front corners of the cargo box between the bed and the cab. I don't mean the stake pockets. If you run your fingers along the forward top...more

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Comes on every 2500 miles. I asked the dealer about it the first two times, but he just said it is sensor based and varies according to your driving...more

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Chronic Pinging on Dodge Ram with 5.2-liter V8 engine; tried different brands and grades of fuel, replaced the intake plenum gasket, cleaned injectors and throttle body...more

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It seems that I spend a whole lot of time making minor steering adjustments while driving. It's basically impossible to just hold the wheel straight...more

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I have written two auto columnists since 1995 and received "No Comment" about my question. I hope you will address it. Also two dealerships have replied "No Problem"...more

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New transmission filter and fluid change seemed to do the trick, but now at 58,000 miles the problem has returned. What gives?...more

All of a sudden giving me a front end vibration problem that is at it's worst right at about 70MPH, less so 3-4 MPH either side of that...more

Noise which seems to be coming from the transmission intermittently. It's a weird humming/vibration sound that often happens on startup while the idle speed is changing...more

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