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During the problem I was able to remove a spark plug wire and there was no spark. Then it started up and it hasn't happened again since...more

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Hard start cold and hesitates from a stop. It's a 3.9-liter V8 in an '05 Lincoln LS. A lot of possible causes, but there's a technical service bulletin that may apply...more

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Engine randomly does not start cold. It's an '02 Lincoln LS with 80,000 miles. It happens frequently in cold weather but has happened in the summer -- have to pump the gas....more

When backing out of a driveway, going over a bump or a curb, and sometimes even when braking. The noise sounds like an old spring return for a door. It creaks and groans...more

It looked really nice and seemed to be well-maintained. When I took it out on a test drive, I heard a slight ticking sound when taking off from a stop...more

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This was a common problem with some 1987 and 1988 Nissan Sentra and Pulsar NX vehicles with manual transaxles. The condition was due to premature wear of...more

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The techs at the dealership need an hour labor time to remove the door panel and diagnose the problem. This way if they pull the door apart, find the problem, but you...more

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Since the beginning of winter the horn has been going off all by itself when it gets really cold out. I would have to send my son out to remove the fuse...more

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The vehicles involved are 1992-'93 Buick Skylarks, Oldsmobile Achievas, and Pontiac Grand Ams with the Single Over Head Cam 2.3-liter four cylinder (VIN Code 3)...more

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Vehicle has been great. I have noticed that once in awhile while at a stop the car seems like it jumps and there is a clunk noise also, what could this be?...more

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