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I was about to check the tires he knelt down and read the maximum air pressure of 44psi that was written on the sidewall. He told me that this was the amount I should...more

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Standard 5-spoke aluminum wheels on my '94 Chevrolet C1500 have turned yellow in color, have started to peel in some places, and have discolored in other places...more

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All of a sudden giving me a front end vibration problem that is at it's worst right at about 70MPH, less so 3-4 MPH either side of that...more

We were curious about the benefits of an auxiliary transmission. She's toying with the idea of reducing the wheel size (currently stock 22s)...more

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I would like to go to a smaller tire. My thoughts are that it would produce less road noise if it had less rubber on the road. The existing tire is about 9 inches wide...more

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We own a motor home with dual rear wheels, and my argument is the fact that it has four wheels driving it just like a four-wheel drive truck...more

As you said, it depends on whom you talk to. Now-a-days, the different tire manufacturers have different philosophies. For example: Michelin and Goodyear say...more

I purchased a double cab, short bed SR5 with the 6 cylinder engine. I get good gas mileage and love the excellent build quality of the Toyota. I use the truck for DIY projects...more

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