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Suspension: "Suspension Parts"
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Depending on whom I talk to about auto parts. Some people say the dealership parts are higher quality and others say the discount part stores are just as good for less money...more

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was wondering if there is any way to reduce the amount of body roll that occurs when turning a corner. Are there any drawbacks to the fix (if there is one)?...more

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When I let go of the steering wheel on a straight road it pulls significantly to the left. After checking the air pressure and then having the tires rotated, there was no change...more

There are several areas to check when inspecting shocks and struts. Yes, the first thing to do is to take a quick look for leaks of hydraulic fluid and physical damage...more

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First let's define "tracking to the left". Driving straight down a flat road, you let go of the steering wheel and the truck veers to the left (turns by itself)...more

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I was wondering whether you could help me find a suspension lift kit, if one exists. I know it sounds crazy, but these kits are offered for the two-wheel-drive Ford Ranger and...more

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Purchased this truck with my '91 GMC 2500 clunker. I could not get a 2500 truck of any make using the cash for clunkers program. I need to know what suspension items...more

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I would like to improve is the ride quality. As you may know the Ram has a very bouncy ride and the handling is ponderous. My driving is primarily...more

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Looking at the vehicle from the rear, that the body is not level. I have measured the clearance from the wheel wells to the ground at both sides of the vehicle...more

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To be sure it's not the rear bumper bent down, I measured all around. Here are the measurements: right rear 22 1/4, left rear 21 3/8, left front 19 1/4, right front 19 7/8...more

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When backing out of a driveway, going over a bump or a curb, and sometimes even when braking. The noise sounds like an old spring return for a door. It creaks and groans...more

I didn't really trust him so I declined to have them replaced. The mechanic responded by telling me that it could get dangerous if one breaks. Should I worry...more

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