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Suspension: "Noise"
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Depending on whom I talk to about auto parts. Some people say the dealership parts are higher quality and others say the discount part stores are just as good for less money...more

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Whining noise out of the power steering pump on a Chevy Silverado; fluid is OK, but when turning the wheel there's like no power steering at all until the RPM increases...more

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First let's define "tracking to the left". Driving straight down a flat road, you let go of the steering wheel and the truck veers to the left (turns by itself)...more

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I would like to go to a smaller tire. My thoughts are that it would produce less road noise if it had less rubber on the road. The existing tire is about 9 inches wide...more

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I've noticed a lot of squeaks coming from the rear suspension as well as the door panels. I have called GM who informed me this is normal for this type of truck...more

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When backing out of a driveway, going over a bump or a curb, and sometimes even when braking. The noise sounds like an old spring return for a door. It creaks and groans...more

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Home » ShopTalk » Auto Repair Topics » Suspension: Noise
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