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Turn the key and all it did was make a loud grinding noise. They towed it to the dealer where I was told it needed a new starter and a new flywheel...more

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To tell you the truth, the most accurate ratings on a vehicle's reliability are locked up under tight security by the manufacturers. These are the numbers on actual warranty...more

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My dealer says that particular ignition switch is widely used in the GM product line up, and blames GM for "under designing" the part. Has this part failure...more

I purchased a '95 Honda Passport. So far so good, but I have been unable to find the answers to some questions. Is the engine the same as the Rodeo engine?...more

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Transmission failed after about 35,000 miles, and then the second transmission failed after about 59,000 miles. I saw in Consumer Reports that Nissan Pathfinders...more

Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais with very high mileage and in need of more than $1500.00 in repairs. I have been advised by several people to "drive it till it drops."...more

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Anyway, if the spark plug wires are in good condition, and the ignition coil is supplying the proper voltage, here's my suggestion. Your car originally came out...more

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I purchased a double cab, short bed SR5 with the 6 cylinder engine. I get good gas mileage and love the excellent build quality of the Toyota. I use the truck for DIY projects...more

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