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Engine Performance: "Hard Start (Cranks Over)"
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"Cranks Too Long Before Starting" Select Make, Model, Year and Subject

1987 Corvette which has a poor idle and is sometimes hard to start. This car has 25,000 miles on it. I pulled out the spark plugs, and found...more

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'05 Taurus with about 30,000 miles has a problem with extended starter cranking in the morning. Idle also seems rough and engine speed varies 75 RPM on the tachometer...more

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CPI unit went "out" according to the repair shop. It cost me about $700 to replace it. Within three months it happened again. The engine had a rough idle...more

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Hard start cold and hesitates from a stop. It's a 3.9-liter V8 in an '05 Lincoln LS. A lot of possible causes, but there's a technical service bulletin that may apply...more

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Home » ShopTalk » Auto Repair Topics » Engine Performance: Hard Start
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