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Engine Performance: "Fuel Economy"
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I had a machine plugged in and it didn't show any codes, but shows an intermittent miss on 2 to 3 cylinders at low speeds. I think I have a miss at 55-60 mph or so...more

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5.9-liter V8 was found to have two faulty valves and valve springs. The trouble happened without warning even though the truck has been maintained properly...more

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I only use major oil company brands such as Sunoco, Shell, etc. The truck has 88,000 miles and I have had no problems with it. Is this something...more

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We were curious about the benefits of an auxiliary transmission. She's toying with the idea of reducing the wheel size (currently stock 22s)...more

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Sold my 5th wheel and would like to keep the truck. I would like to replace the 4:10 gearing with 3:55 gears, or even 3:31/3:15 gears if doable/workable...more

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When it comes to diesel trucks, like the Ford Super Duty, the fuel economy information for these trucks is not available...more

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Heard something from a friend that I just don't buy. He says that a car will get better gas mileage with the windows up and the air conditioning on instead of...more

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A local mechanic said my engine is leaking oil and wants $85 to fix it. He said it could give me poor gas mileage because it will have an impact on the oxygen sensor...more

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There could be something wrong, but not necessarily. Fuel mileage will normally decrease in colder ambient temperatures. Gasoline does not burn nearly as well...more

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