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Engine Mechanical: "Oil (Grades, Brands, etc)"
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Synthetic motor oil isn't going to leak any faster than conventional. The problem is the lack of quality engineering by American car manufacturers over the years...more

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While checking my oil, I've noticed the level is higher than the last time I checked it. The oil also smells of raw gas. A mechanic friend of mine said it must be the carburetor...more

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Keep it covered up in the garage during the winter months. I also own a 1994 Ford Escort for all my regular driving. Here is my question...more

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The big drawback is the people working on your car. Let's face it. They're either kids or unskilled laborers the majority of the time. Although some shops do have a qualified...more

I have been running Mobil 1, 5W-30 at 5,000 mile intervals. The owner's manual recommends changing the oil every 7,500 miles under normal conditions or every 3,500...more

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