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Used engines can be risky business -- most of the time you're guessing on internal condition, maintenance history, or even the legitimate mileage. The best way to judge...more

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Comes on every 2500 miles. I asked the dealer about it the first two times, but he just said it is sensor based and varies according to your driving...more

You should start by adding some fresh gasoline to dilute the old stuff currently in the tank, along with the addition of a bottle of fuel treatment. Then change the oil and filter...more

Keep it covered up in the garage during the winter months. I also own a 1994 Ford Escort for all my regular driving. Here is my question...more

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Ford Taurus question on what mileage to replace an engine's timing chain, as opposed to a timing belt that's part of the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule...more

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Not always, but a lot of the time a good cleaning of the carbon build-up on the backside of the throttle plate and inside the throttle bore will fix the problem...more

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Said that I should replace the water pump at the same time as the timing belt. They said if I don't, and the water pump starts leaking, I would have to replace...more

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The mechanic told me I needed a new oil pan because the drain plug hole was stripped from over-tightening. The thing is, these people are the only ones who have ever changed my oil...more

Getting ready for its fourth valve adjustment. I'm wondering if all this money I have been spending is necessary and what happens when the valves aren't adjusted every 15,000 miles?...more

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For short stretches the average speed raises to 110 to 120 mph. With the Navigator, the speed governor kicking in at about a 100mph is very annoying...more

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