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Engine Mechanical: "Exhaust System"
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Large vacuum leak or bad O2 sensor. When looking I noticed a very strong gas odor coming from the engine and that the EGR valve had a line...more

Has about 110,000 miles on it and has a definite loss of power. Every weekend I pull my boat to the lake. Recently I've been having trouble making it up the hills...more

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Cannot find anything from computer chips to exhaust systems for my application. I cannot even find better stopping brake pads front and rear! I was wondering if this van shares anything...more

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Noise which seems to be coming from the transmission intermittently. It's a weird humming/vibration sound that often happens on startup while the idle speed is changing...more

With harder acceleration I get a bad smell inside the car. I do not notice it with normal take off. Even though the exhaust system looks perfect, I believe it is the catalytic converter...more

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Stop driving the car before any more damage is done. A portion of the head gasket has deteriorated at a coolant passage between the cylinder head and the engine block...more

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It looked really nice and seemed to be well-maintained. When I took it out on a test drive, I heard a slight ticking sound when taking off from a stop...more

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