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The other day I was talking to one of my friends who does a lot of his own work on an old Chevelle that he's had for years. He was telling me about how...more

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Dodge/Chrysler techs who all say that's normal and that a warranty repair is not needed, yet I've read on numerous online message boards that some people have actually gotten...more

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Is it pressed on? How do I remove it? Is a used part from a wrecking yard an option? And if so what other years will work on my '93?...more

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A big 1968 Lincoln Continental, with a big 460 cid engine, developed a coolant leak at a freeze out plug located behind the motor mount. Do you have to pull the engine?...more

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Does it mean the bearings in question are the primary support bearings, as opposed to the secondary support bearings?...more

I have some ideas for removing the bolt, but you might not like what you see after you get it out. First hose down around the bolt with a penetrating oil (WD-40) and...more

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Let's define a PCV valve. PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. The valve itself controls the amount of intake manifold vacuum being directed to the interior...more

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