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Engine Mechanical: "Diesel Engines"
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It would act as if someone had turned the ignition off and back on again. Then the "service engine soon" light comes on, and the engine has no power...more

I have spoken to the people at my local Chevrolet dealership along with an independent parts store and nobody has ever heard of a diesel engine in a '85 S-10 pickup...more

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No Diagnostic Trouble Code was stored in the Engine Control Module's memory, that narrows things down quite a bit...more

Double check your owner's manual for the towing capacity numbers. Looking at 2009 figures, there's about a 2,900 lb difference in towing capacities between the same...more

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When it comes to diesel trucks, like the Ford Super Duty, the fuel economy information for these trucks is not available...more

I've been having all kinds of problems, and recently had a garage check it for trouble codes. They came up with a 36, 62, 65, 78, and a 99. What do these codes mean?...more

OK once it starts, that should eliminate mechanical engine issues. After that it's all fuel. Delivery from the tank, operation of the injector pump, the injectors...more

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