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The first step would be to install a fuel pressure gauge and test for correct pressure and volume. The pressure should be between 9-13psi and the system should be able...more

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Needle would fall well below the dial's 100 degree mark, and only come up to about 150 or 160 when driving. I might add that this is the only gauge in the cluster...more

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It would act as if someone had turned the ignition off and back on again. Then the "service engine soon" light comes on, and the engine has no power...more

Large vacuum leak or bad O2 sensor. When looking I noticed a very strong gas odor coming from the engine and that the EGR valve had a line...more

Code 22 is low voltage on the throttle position sensor. If I replace the TPS will that solve my problem? Right now, the truck will idle at very high rpm and stall...more

Since then my check engine light has gone off. I still would like to replace the sensor myself, so how would I do that right, or should I take it in to be done instead?...more

I had a machine plugged in and it didn't show any codes, but shows an intermittent miss on 2 to 3 cylinders at low speeds. I think I have a miss at 55-60 mph or so...more

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The service light code said EGR was the problem. I replaced the EGR solenoid and made sure the valve actually moves. While I was at it, I also replaced the vacuum hoses. If I drive slowly around town...more

5.2-liter V-8. It's got about 75,000 miles and has always run well until recently. Very often when I come to a stop the engine will stall...more

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I brought it into the dealership service department. They told me the reason the light came on was because the gas cap wasn't tightened...more

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