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Engine Electrical: "Powertrain Control Module"
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When the 4hi button is pushed, both 4hi and 4lo lights flash as if the system can't make up its mind. Then when the 4lo button is pushed it will engage...more

"Service engine soon" light comes on when driving. My service manual tells me there's an "ACLR module" from which I can jump A to B to receive a code isolating the problem...more

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Since then my check engine light has gone off. I still would like to replace the sensor myself, so how would I do that right, or should I take it in to be done instead?...more

No Diagnostic Trouble Code was stored in the Engine Control Module's memory, that narrows things down quite a bit...more

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Crank it for 5 to 10 seconds or longer on the first attempt, the engine will not start. If I crank it for just a second or two, stop, and crank it a second time, the engine starts...more

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Would like to know if there are any aftermarket parts to enhance the engine performance without voiding my warranty. It's a 4.0 liter with a 4-speed overdrive automatic...more

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With the key on and the motor off the injector injects gas and floods the motor so it won't start. It does this intermittently. Now I can't get the gas to inject at all...more

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I've been having all kinds of problems, and recently had a garage check it for trouble codes. They came up with a 36, 62, 65, 78, and a 99. What do these codes mean?...more

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Repeated problem with the cooling fan clutch (4 failed clutches in eight months time), so I decided to switch to an electric fan setup. As I live outside the USA I have no access...more

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You can clear the diagnostic trouble codes from the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) memory all by yourself, but it's not going to fix anything. I'm not quite sure...more

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