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Starter turns over but no lights come on. After a few tries a clicking noise comes from the power distribution center in the engine compartment. It slows down after a minute...more

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Engine randomly does not start cold. It's an '02 Lincoln LS with 80,000 miles. It happens frequently in cold weather but has happened in the summer -- have to pump the gas....more

For short stretches the average speed raises to 110 to 120 mph. With the Navigator, the speed governor kicking in at about a 100mph is very annoying...more

On Thursday the Check Engine light went on again. The codes were PO174, 1151, 1131, 171. The mechanic was reluctant to fix it. He suggested bringing the car to the dealer...more

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Truck with 190,000 miles. I notice that at speeds around 45mph in 4th or 5th gear it is running fine. Then it cuts out for one or two seconds and then runs fine again...more

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By disconnecting the battery for about fifteen seconds, you will clear the trouble codes which are stored in the computer's memory, but you're not exactly resetting...more

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I have written two auto columnists since 1995 and received "No Comment" about my question. I hope you will address it. Also two dealerships have replied "No Problem"...more

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Let's go through the procedure so everyone knows what we're talking about. Base timing is when the ECM's (Engine Control Module) electronic spark timing control is disabled...more

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Bought a service manual in an attempt to fix a problem with my '88 Toyota 4x4 pickup with the V6. I need help finding the location of the computer...more

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