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Engine Electrical: "Ignition"
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The problem seems to occur only at an rpm range between 1500 and 2000, at 45 to 50 mph and still in 3rd gear. This occurs only when there is a load on the engine...more

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The best way to diagnose an intermittent problem like the one you are experiencing is to let the technician himself drive the vehicle until the fault reappears. This way...more

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I strongly suggest that you get the car to a good local shop so they can properly diagnose the problem. The most likely cause of popping through the throttle body on...more

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Crank it for 5 to 10 seconds or longer on the first attempt, the engine will not start. If I crank it for just a second or two, stop, and crank it a second time, the engine starts...more

My dealer says that particular ignition switch is widely used in the GM product line up, and blames GM for "under designing" the part. Has this part failure...more

The first thing to do is get the car to your local Honda dealer. There they can check to see if the updated distributer assembly has been installed. In August of '93 Honda...more

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During the problem I was able to remove a spark plug wire and there was no spark. Then it started up and it hasn't happened again since...more

Truck with 190,000 miles. I notice that at speeds around 45mph in 4th or 5th gear it is running fine. Then it cuts out for one or two seconds and then runs fine again...more

It always takes an extra 1-2 minutes after which the fan turns itself off. I checked the engine temperature and it's not getting very hot. Is there any problem with the car?...more

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When I am accelerating, the engine misses slightly and later at 45-55 MPH it chugs a couple of times. It chugs a little while in gear at a stop light also...more

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