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Engine Electrical: "Fuel Pump"
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Running very low on fuel can damage a fuel pump due to the lack of lubrication when it's pumping air instead of fuel. However, never going under a half a tank of gas...more

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The first step would be to install a fuel pressure gauge and test for correct pressure and volume. The pressure should be between 9-13psi and the system should be able...more

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While checking my oil, I've noticed the level is higher than the last time I checked it. The oil also smells of raw gas. A mechanic friend of mine said it must be the carburetor...more

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Fuse, relay, a circuit breaker or whatever on a 1990 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter fuel-injected engine? Also, is it possible to get to the fuel pump, which is in the gas tank...more

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Misfire (one or more cylinders shutting off), and a lack of power from fuel contamination or not enough fuel pressure, typically produce different types of symptoms...more

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Crank it for 5 to 10 seconds or longer on the first attempt, the engine will not start. If I crank it for just a second or two, stop, and crank it a second time, the engine starts...more

Slid off the road into a guardrail. The car didn't hit really hard, but it did give me a jolt. The damage was to the right rear and consisted of...more

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Why don't we go right to the source of the problem and disconnect the system there? Look underneath the driver's seat for a relay with a tan & light green, an orange...more

for a long time and now it's getting louder. I don't hear it very much while I'm driving, but when sitting at a light with the radio off...more

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