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Engine Electrical: "Check Engine Light"
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It would act as if someone had turned the ignition off and back on again. Then the "service engine soon" light comes on, and the engine has no power...more

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Large vacuum leak or bad O2 sensor. When looking I noticed a very strong gas odor coming from the engine and that the EGR valve had a line...more

Code 22 is low voltage on the throttle position sensor. If I replace the TPS will that solve my problem? Right now, the truck will idle at very high rpm and stall...more

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Since then my check engine light has gone off. I still would like to replace the sensor myself, so how would I do that right, or should I take it in to be done instead?...more

"Service engine soon" light comes on when driving. My service manual tells me there's an "ACLR module" from which I can jump A to B to receive a code isolating the problem...more

No Diagnostic Trouble Code was stored in the Engine Control Module's memory, that narrows things down quite a bit...more

The service light code said EGR was the problem. I replaced the EGR solenoid and made sure the valve actually moves. While I was at it, I also replaced the vacuum hoses. If I drive slowly around town...more

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The service engine soon light came on and I had it checked at a repair shop. They told me it was bad gas so I added a fuel treatment...more

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I brought it into the dealership service department. They told me the reason the light came on was because the gas cap wasn't tightened...more

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I've been having all kinds of problems, and recently had a garage check it for trouble codes. They came up with a 36, 62, 65, 78, and a 99. What do these codes mean?...more

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