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There are several different manufacturers that produce items for this same basic purpose. That is to break the connection to the vehicle's battery when battery voltage...more

The first time I brought it to my regular repair shop they put in a new battery. After two weeks it was dead again, so this time they replaced the alternator and charged the battery...more

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Turn the key and all it did was make a loud grinding noise. They towed it to the dealer where I was told it needed a new starter and a new flywheel...more

The owner's manual for both it states that if you move the radio from one vehicle to another, it will not work, as the radio learns the VIN of the wrong vehicle...more

Turn the ignition on and look for the generator light on the instrument cluster. Even though you have a volt gauge you still have an idiot light. If the charging system is...more

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Ford Mustang. I've always noticed that the voltmeter on the dash stays at about 13 volts until I turn on the headlights. Then it dips way down to less than eleven volts...more

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This is how I quickly concluded there was a bad alternator. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to save him money without getting ourselves in much trouble...more

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I had to slow down rapidly to exit the interstate and the "idiot lights" flashed on & off and the car bucked as if the engine was shutting off. Lights then ceased flashing...more

I have written two auto columnists since 1995 and received "No Comment" about my question. I hope you will address it. Also two dealerships have replied "No Problem"...more

If the charge warning light came on solid, and the lights dimmed as the windows slowed down, you're not going to get far at all. It sounds like a complete or near complete...more

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