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"Taking Turns, Hills, Braking" Select Subject

I see reports on the latest crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The last one I saw, testing small cars, they showed interviews with several automotive manufacturer...more

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While using my cruise control, I slow down and stop at a light. Is it hard on the engine to use the resume button to bring the car back up to speed and would it be better...more

Yes, if you are going to idle for more than a few seconds, go ahead and put the transmission in neutral and release the clutch. This will rest the clutch plate...more

The trouble is, when he drives those narrow mountain roads, he keeps the automatic transmission in overdrive and rides the brake with his foot....more

Civic required replacement of the front brakes at only 12,000 miles, and again at about 23,000. I thought that the brakes wearing out so quickly would indicate a mechanical...more

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Ground clearance on the Cherokee is not as high as I would like it. Can the vehicle be raised without a large monetary investment? The off-road area in question...more

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When it does snow, I traditionally throw sandbags in the bed to increase traction. The thing is I don't know really how much weight makes a difference...more

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