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Has about 110,000 miles on it and has a definite loss of power. Every weekend I pull my boat to the lake. Recently I've been having trouble making it up the hills...more

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Noticed my brother topping off the fluids in his Camaro. When he added to the power steering, he used automatic transmission fluid. He says it's the same as power steering fluid...more

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Tires will rotate, but the vehicle will not move. The engine starts up fine. We noticed a puddle underneath her car that looks like oil after we had it towed home...more

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GM is saying that this jerking is a normal function for the hybrid system. I personally think they are nuts! It is so bad that if anyone test drove it I guarantee...more

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If the movement was a onetime thing, it may have been a normal occurrence. There's a "hook" type metal lever (parking pawl) which fits into grooves...more

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I have written two auto columnists since 1995 and received "No Comment" about my question. I hope you will address it. Also two dealerships have replied "No Problem"...more

Yes, if you are going to idle for more than a few seconds, go ahead and put the transmission in neutral and release the clutch. This will rest the clutch plate...more

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Just had its third transmission installed. The car has 60,000, mostly highway miles. Is this more likely to be a car problem or a daughter problem?...more

New transmission filter and fluid change seemed to do the trick, but now at 58,000 miles the problem has returned. What gives?...more

The trouble is, when he drives those narrow mountain roads, he keeps the automatic transmission in overdrive and rides the brake with his foot....more

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