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Drivetrain: "Transfer Case"
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When the 4hi button is pushed, both 4hi and 4lo lights flash as if the system can't make up its mind. Then when the 4lo button is pushed it will engage...more

GM has replaced the electronic control module and updated a program. It seems to happen most often when I hit bumps, especially wash boarded gravel...more

Kit or something so I can make it into a 4-wheel-drive truck when I need it? I would only use it in the winter because I live on top of a steep hill...more

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Strikes me as odd is that the new IWE solenoid has a rain guard over it. Seems to me that when they have a problem like this it should be considered for a recall...more

We own a motor home with dual rear wheels, and my argument is the fact that it has four wheels driving it just like a four-wheel drive truck...more

Ground clearance on the Cherokee is not as high as I would like it. Can the vehicle be raised without a large monetary investment? The off-road area in question...more

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Home » ShopTalk » Auto Repair Topics » Drivetrain: Transfer Case
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